«Perhaps without the lows, the highs could not be reached»

Personally, I consider this quote quite useful. I have several reasons for that. But before it I’d like to touch a couple initial aspects for better understand of this phrase.

What do we consider “lows”? For some people these “lows” are just small drawbacks from the fate or somewhat like that. From my point of view, these “lows” are just the places where a person appears due to some consequences of his\her actions, a way of life. The person is responsible for the position he\she has appeared to be. The conditions in the “lows” aren’t quite satisfying, as obvious as it is.

Then, what is considered to be “highs”? Usually, people think that it is privileged position in the society. Some people consider these people to be just lucky but the truth is that “highs” as well as “lows” are achieved due to one’s actions and way of life.

So, when we have cleared it out we can try to think about the deeper meaning of this quote.

Firstly, I believe that there is no stronger motivation to achieve “highs” then the experience of having been in the “lows”. Therefore, we can agree with the quote.

Secondly, I’d you to see what I personally see in this quote except the surface meaning mentioned before. If a person can't find a motivation to work harder or can't understand his\her place in life — he\she must go into the “lows”. Try what it is like, feel it, understand truly. If he or she still has got enough motivation to develop it means that there are no other means to inspire that person. For me, motivation should take the beginning inside the person.

In conclusion, I’d like just say that this is my opinion on this quoteйша don’t agree, please write in comments we will discuss it.

Thank you for attention!